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Richard Gould also wrote The Life and Times of Richard Castro: Bridging a Cultural Divide (Paperback – September 30, 2007 - available at Amazon). Description: Hispanic leader Richard Castro wasn't above a good street fight. Denver police beat him bloody during a 1960's confrontation, and political rivals later shot him and bombed his home. But he emerged from the early struggles of Denver's Hispanic movement - El Movimiento - to become one of Colorado's most important political figures. During his ten years as a state representative and, later, as a key ally of Denver mayor Federico Peña, Castro personified the Hispanic community's newfound political power. The Life and Times of Richard Castro traces Castro's path from the streets of west Denver to the chambers of the state capitol. It also traces a community's coming of age - an event that transformed politics and society in Colorado and throughout the West. Published by the Colorado Historical Society.

Cover of The Life and Times of Richard Castro

A radio show interview:Listen to a recording of an interview with Richard Gould's brothers, Dan and Alan, on the radio show Off the Record with Judy, about Richard's background, the story of how Refusal to Submit was created and published, and much more.


The Boys Who Said NO! a documentary movie profiling the young men and women who actively opposed conscription in order to end the draft and the Vietnam War. They called themselves The Resistance. The movie shows how their personal and collective acts of nonviolent noncooperation with the draft, risking arrest and imprisonment for up to 5 years, were a critical part of the antiwar movement, intensifying opposition to the war and eventually forcing an end to both conscription and the war.

Many more books and resources can be found on the resource page of The Boys Who Said NO!

The Post

2017 movie directed by Steven Spielberg

In one scene of this movie, Daniel Ellsberg says to Ben Bagdikian, National Editor of the Washington Post, "Wouldn't you go to prison to stop this war?" More insight into this line and how draft resisters influenced Ellsberg's monumental decision to make the Pentagon Papers public may be found in passages in Refusal to Submit.

The Vietnam War

film by Lynn Novick and Ken Burns

...has 10 excellent episodes aired on PBS. None of the episodes featured draft resisters who had done prison time, so Refusal to Submit is an important complement to this video series.

David Harris has a whole chapter devoted to him in Refusal to Submit, and is an accomplished author too....

Opinion article by Michael Stewart Foley in The New York Times: The Moral Case for Draft Resistance. October 17, 2017.

Commentary by Steve Ladd in Oct 3, 2017 San Francisco Chronicle article.

The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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